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Daily Declination Table for
        Sun and Personal Planets 2019 - 2020

Updated August 1, 2020 by J McCaul

For easy daily reference, the tables display the monthly declinations in Standard Greenwich Mean Time at Midnight. Exdek* (Out of Bounds) is         Bold Red. When planets are transiting through the upper portions of the Hidek**, within a degree of transiting Out of Bounds, they will appear in red. When we see a month with a lot of red displayed, you can be certain that there will be some intense moments throughout that month.

Not all planets transit into the extreme declinations. The Sun will never appear beyond the maximum declination of 23 degrees 27 minutes. Mercury, Venus and Mars typically transit Out of Bounds once or twice a year. Jupiter is likely to go out of bounds every six years, but does not always.

The graph at the bottom of the page is only for the planets shown on this page. The minus sign "-" represents the Southern declinations. On some graphs, a plus "+" represents the Northern declinations, but on ours, it is inferred that if there is not a minus, then the planets are transiting in the Northern declinations.

Another transition period is when planets transit over the equator which is referred to as zero degrees "0°." Take note of dates that this is occurring as there will tend to be an extra emotional intensity during those periods, as well.

It is currently August 11, 2020 16:32 GMT
Aug 1N17°57'N21°27'N19°17'N3°35'S22°17'
Aug 2N17°42'N21°22'N19°22'N3°44'S22°18'
Aug 3N17°26'N21°14'N19°27'N3°53'S22°19'
Aug 4N17°10'N21°04'N19°32'N4°01'S22°21'
Aug 5N16°54'N20°52'N19°36'N4°10'S22°22'
Aug 6N16°38'N20°37'N19°40'N4°18'S22°23'
Aug 7N16°21'N20°19'N19°44'N4°26'S22°24'
Aug 8N16°04'N19°59'N19°48'N4°33'S22°25'
Aug 9N15°47'N19°36'N19°51'N4°41'S22°26'
Aug 10N15°29'N19°10'N19°55'N4°48'S22°27'
Aug 11N15°11'N18°42'N19°57'N4°56'S22°27'
Aug 12N14°53'N18°12'N20°00'N5°03'S22°28'
Aug 13N14°35'N17°40'N20°02'N5°10'S22°29'
Aug 14N14°17'N17°06'N20°04'N5°16'S22°30'
Aug 15N13°58'N16°30'N20°05'N5°23'S22°31'
Aug 16N13°39'N15°52'N20°06'N5°29'S22°32'
Aug 17N13°20'N15°13'N20°06'N5°35'S22°32'
Aug 18N13°01'N14°32'N20°07'N5°40'S22°33'
Aug 19N12°41'N13°51'N20°06'N5°46'S22°34'
Aug 20N12°22'N13°08'N20°06'N5°51'S22°35'
Aug 21N12°02'N12°25'N20°05'N5°56'S22°35'
Aug 22N11°42'N11°41'N20°03'N6°01'S22°36'
Aug 23N11°21'N10°56'N20°01'N6°06'S22°37'
Aug 24N11°01'N10°11'N19°59'N6°10'S22°37'
Aug 25N10°40'N9°25'N19°56'N6°15'S22°38'
Aug 26N10°19'N8°39'N19°52'N6°19'S22°38'
Aug 27N9°58'N7°53'N19°49'N6°22'S22°39'
Aug 28N9°37'N7°07'N19°44'N6°26'S22°39'
Aug 29N9°16'N6°20'N19°40'N6°29'S22°40'
Aug 30N8°54'N5°34'N19°34'N6°32'S22°40'
Aug 31N8°33'N4°47'N19°29'N6°35'S22°40'
Aug 2020

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Current Graphical Declinations

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* Exdek = Extreme declinations of latitudes beyond 23 degrees 27 minutes (23°27').
** Hidek = High declinations of latitudes between 21 degrees and 23 degrees 27 minutes (21°00' - 23°27')

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