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Personal Power Dates by Sign for October 2020
          Pacific Standard Time

Updated Oct 1, 2020 by J McCaul

Mark these dates on your personal calendar for easy reference
The format has been changed to allow you the option to choose your personal solar sign without needing to sort through all the other signs.

The new design is for more individualized information.

Some individuals have asked us to revert to the old style. If we can find a way to make it work, with the new data resource, we will. Read more about why the change.

The table below is designed to alert you for the dates that the Moon is transiting with your Solar (Sun) sign. The Best Icon best indicates the days that the Moon started in the same sign as your Solar sign. Additionally, there are indicators when the Moon is forming a positive aspect positive to your Solar sign or a difficult/harsh aspect negative. Note that Pacific time zone (PST) is used for this table. The sign that the moon was in at midnight in PST is used as the astrological reference for that day.

The "Sign" column indicates the sign that the moon started the day in based on Pacific Standard Time.

Positive/Negative Days
Solar Sign

October, 2020
No Zodiac Sign Selected
Pacific Standard Time -8

This table can be used along with the Activities by the Moon chart. The table cells marked with best on any given day will indicate that the moon is in your solar sign at the start of that day based on Pacific Standard Time (PST). The table does not adjust for daylight saving.

The table has been redesigned to fit the MoonTracks theme. Thank you for your patience as we continue to adjust the pages.

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