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How to adjust time from
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Universal Time Coordinate (UTC)
& Other FAQs

The Moon Tracks Gang frequently (almost daily) receive questions about "How do I adjust time on your site." Sometimes we get emails from people who demand that we create pages specifically for their region (not even a please and thank you), because they cannot figure out what time zone they live in, or how to "add" or "subtract" time from the times indicated on specific pages.

First and foremost, if it was easy, we would do it in a heartbeat. But it would take way more time for us to create 30 (literally) different time zoned pages, for each and every table and calendar, than it would ever be worth. Hence, we have created this page. And from now on, when we get these types of emailed questions, this URL/page will be our answer to these questions.

Depending on the moon information resources that we have, we are able to create a few pages that you can easily adjust for your local time. You may use the map shown below to discover which time zone is appropriate for your area. Moon Tracks has four adjustable Moon Event pages:
Upcoming Eclipse Dates
Upcoming New Moon Dates
Upcoming Full Moon Dates
Upcoming Void of Course Dates

Questions about adjusting time from calendars from Pacific Standard Time (PST) will not be answered because there are plenty of other resources that give the same information in GMT/UTC that you can access and/or adjust for your time zone. Nutshell, the PST pages are for our personal use that we have chosen to share due to their ongoing popularity. No Big Mystery Here. There are only three PST pages:
Astrology Calendar
Lunar Activities Guide
Personal Power Dates by Sign

USA Update 2023 The resources that we have linked to for years have changed or gone away. Although we are a global resource, with about 50% of our guests coming from the United States which has one of the most complex time zone systems, we have created a page specifically for our United States Users. Just remember, if you are in one of the Americas (Continents) you will always subtract from the GMT/UTC starting point. That's (-W) for western hemisphere.

Void of Course Calendar in PST

This calendar is something I started creating for myself back in 2004ish. I did not design it with anyone, other than myself, in mind. Intentionally, this calendar is not listed in any of the major search engines. You find it either from a fan's site, or by link from inside Moon Tracks. Ever since and Celestial Guides by Jim Maynard have ceased to function in their original iterations, people seem to be lashing out at us that our VoC calendar does not meet their needs. Point being, the calendar was never designed for others. Continued complaints are likely to result in the calendar becoming password protected and hidden away.

Hello? Morons! Your Calendars are still in PST - Pacific Standard Time

Um. Yes, SOME of our calendars/pages are designed to remain PST all year long! If you want to use that particular calendar, then adjust by one more (or less) hour as needed for Daylight Saving. Okay? Again, and reiterating here, this is a free site for you to use, or not use. Calling us names is never endearing, on your behalf.

Are the Moon Signs on this site Accurate? They don't match up with my phone's Astronomy App

In all fairness, you are using the wrong calculations for Astrology by using an Astronomy Application. Astrology was the early variation of Astronomy. But the earth's movement has changed in relation to the constellations. The transits in Western Astrology still use the constellations as they were on the horizon in relation to the earth over 2000 years ago. If the "ancient art" of Astrology is not what you are wanting, then I recommend finding resources that focus on what you actually want. Please don't bother to email us to complain about that.

HELP! I can't get next(or)last month's tables

Depending on where you live, the tables may have already switched over to the next month, or you may already be experiencing the first day of the month, but the tables are still pulling up last month. Let's say you are in Hawaii. You will still be on the last day of the month for 10 more hours before you experience the new month, but the tables have already switched over to the next month. That's because most of the scripts are set to switch over at 0:00:01 UTC which is Midnight standard Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). If you are in New Zealand, you may experience the first day of the month 10 hours before the data for the new month gets pulled in. In other words, you will need to wait until 10:00:01 AM your time for the information for the first day to be available.

We chose the 0 UTC as our central time since we have people from all over the world using our charts and calendars. It is the Universal Time Coordinate that most people can add or subtract their own timezone from to determine when the scripts will "roll over."

You want Personalized Times? Our Fees based on Time Expended.

If you want to pay us to create the tables/calendars for you and your time zone, we charge $10 [United States Dollars (USD)] per quarter-hour ($40 USD/hour) to put that information together for you. We will only utilize Tropical Placidus (Western-based Astrology) calculations. If you want other forms of Astrology charted, i.e. Arabic, Babylonian, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Heliocentric, Hindu, Islamic, Jyotish, Katarchic, Mayan, Persian, Tibetan, Vedic, etc., it is strongly recommended that you use a search engine of your choosing to find the resources that can assist you to meet your specific needs. Our Moon Tracks Crew will NOT be that resource. NOTE - We Will Only Accept Payment via and We will Create the PayPal Invoice for you, upon Request.

~ How to Adjust for Your Time Zone ~

Time and Date developed a great resource for people who are Time Zone Challenged. The map is color coded with rainbow-isque pastel colors and if you move your mouse/cursor over the regions on their map, it will "fairly" closely line up with the time zone numbers below that region. Note that the alignment is not precise because, the world really is a round orb that does not neatly flatten out for alignment purposes. Hence the time zone regions have been color coded to assist those of you who can easily distinguish colors. This graphic (below) is a representation of that page. If you click on the map below, it will take you to the Time-and-Date web site.

On the Time-and-Date map, you will notice the time zone strip at the bottom of the map that uses a minus (-) or a plus (+). Minus is for the western hemisphere, while plus is for the eastern. UTC is a "coordinate" and not a time zone. But, for all intents and purposes, UTC is the same as GMT, neither a plus nor minus, simply 0.


To adjust for the saving time of daylight, one would need to increase (add) one hour to their standard time in their local time zone. As such DST for Chicago, Illinois, USA, in Central Standard Time (CST -6) converts to Central Daylight Time (CDT -5). For the eastern hemisphere, Kazakhstan Local Time (KZT +6) would become +7 if they used DST. We know it is confusing! We never said this would be easy. Please do not send us email debating the philosophy of DST. We also never said we agreed with the concept.

Lunar Living's Time Calculator from GMT/UTC

For those of us in the Western Hemisphere, since we are always working with negative numbers, there is a page on Lunar Living that can adjust most of the Western Hemisphere Time Zones from GMT/UTC.

Diagonal Lines on Time and Date Map

You may notice on some areas of the map, some diagonal lines in specific eastern hemisphere areas around India and a few areas in Australia. These areas use half-hour time zone adjustments. These add a lot of complexity to calculating time for those regions. We apologize for not adding that into the calculators on Moon Tracks. For our sanity, we stayed with whole hour computations only.

Time and Date Time Zone Map
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