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3° Scorpio 50'
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First quarter
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The Lunar Life

July 2024

Moon Phases
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Updated Jul 1, 2024 by J McCaul

Create this Month's Moon Phase Report for your current location. Include your name to get a personalized page that you can save or print.

Be sure to include the number of hours (time zones) you are away from the UTC base, along with the direction you live (East or West), away from the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Additionally, we have included the moon phases as observed by individuals living closer to the equator, which is slightly different than if you live in the Southern or Northern Latitudes, the phases will, more closely represent the Moon's Waxing and Waning directions based on living North, South, or near the equator. The appearance of the moon phases from either of the two poles (north or south) are not included since not as many people live in those regions of the world, but for all intents and purposes, would be opposite of the appearance from the equator. Please note that the seasons; fall, winter, spring, and summer, also have a "directional" influence on the appearance of the moon from the various land masses all around the world. To represent those would require a whole different application.

For your convenience, we have included a table of Time Zone Differences for the majority of the World. The linked page will open in a new page so that you don't need to lose this page.

Please NOTE! If your area uses Daylight Saving Time, you may want to add one hour onto your time zone difference. To "add" an hour onto the American time zones, it becomes "less" because in America, we are working with negative numbers. In example, Pacific Standard Time (PST) is W8 (-8) hours but Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) is W7 (-7) when adding one hour. PS. All of the Americas North and South are West of the UTC.

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